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Skin care is the foundation of beauty and our treatments are tailored to give you the best chance in counteracting the effects of time, gravity and sun damage.

The Renova  non-surgical face lift system uses micro focused ultrasound with visualization  to lift and tighten the skin through specific mechanisms. To commence, Renova 1 emits the precise ultrasound wave energy into distinct layers of the skin, prompting the creation of Thermal Coagulation Points, or TCPs. In order to ensure the patient attains a correct level of collagen creation and increased skin tightness, the overall procedure will typically require several thousand of these TCPs to be created.


The ultrasound energy induced by Renova 1 will generate friction and heat within the molecules of the target skin layer. This heat generally reaches temperatures of around 90 degrees Celsius, at which point collagen fibrils within the skin begin to lose their structure. All of this occurs around 2-3 minutes after the Renova 1 appliance has been placed on the skin. Reaching these threshold temperatures during the procedure is critically important, as the collagen denaturation process must occur in order to make way for new collagen synthesis (creation of new collagen cells). There is an initial shrinkage in the collagen fibrils as a result of the procedure.



It is important to note that the immediate aesthetic improvements experienced by patients following the treatment can be attributed to edema, which is the swelling of skin due to accumulation of fluid in the tissue. This is a completely natural bodily response to what is seen as an ‘injury’ by the body, and is purely transient in nature.


The aforementioned TCPs which have been created by Renova 1’s ultrasound wave energy are initially recognized by the body as a type of ‘injury’, thereby prompting the body to respond by healing the wound. During the healing process, the previously broken down collagen is replaced by newly synthesized collagen cells, which are re-organized and increasingly linked to each other, allowing for greater elasticity and durability within the cells. This cellular process eventually manifests itself in the lifted and tightened tissue.  Please visit our website for more information on the Renova1 non-surgical facelift.

We also offer the following treatments:

  • Renova1 Ultrasound collagen renewal treatment (45 mins)
  • Dermapen (1 hour)
  • DermaplanePro (30 mins)
  • Make-up
  • Stockists of RS Pharmaceuticals Collagen shake



Address: We are situated at 199 Eastwood drive in Pinnacle point (by appointment only)

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