Rut Art Creations was founded by Riette Delport, also known as ©Rut.



Rut Art Creations has become a well known favourite among South Africans. The success of the extended merchandise range, has added an edge to multi-dimensional pieces. Finally you are able to buy from anywhere in the world. One of the biggest challenges has been to retain a range of integrity and originality.




While flattering, the many copyright infringements experienced has invariably taken its toll on how much an artist is willing to share…

So much love, time and dedication goes into each piece, each range. We appeal to you to respect this, and to rather get in touch with the artist or the gallery directly to discuss any reselling or offshoot projects you

might have had in mind. Feel free to browse and shop… let us know how we can help!




Be inspired… ©Rut


Rut Art Creations


Exhibition Gallery
Our Walk in gallery is located on the corner of Field and Bland Street, Mossel Bay at the Yellow Door. 
I thank God every day for this wonderful talent and the opportunity to be able to express myself freely. This gift is something I love and I could not imagine myself doing anything else! Prior to exploring my passion full-time, I was a kindergarten teacher for 6 years while studying Educare part-time.”



The Yellow Door Gallery and Coffee Shop, in the heart of Mossel Bay, houses the inspiring artist, Ruth’s (Riëtte Delport), paintings.


This historic building was built in 1888 and used as a warehouse. In 1918 it was transformed into an isolation hospital for the dreaded flu epidemic that hit the country that year. Miraculously all those who were hospitalized and treated there, were able to survive the disease.


The rich history accompanied by Ruth’s art is a breathtaking experience. Large open spaces compliments Ruth’s handiwork with décor and furniture, dreamy winged with angels. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.


Ruth’s passion is to make a difference in people by recovering and healing with each brushstroke and communicative thought-writing. She sees every moment as a valuable opportunity to create, whether it be by her art or the infectious love she has for her family and friends. Her creative heart echoes for others.



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